Albion, Folk Tale, symbolism

All that glisters…

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… So, Merlin became mindful of himself.

Moved by affection he groaned

at the name of his queen, Gwendolina,

and asked to be taken to the court of King Rhydderch.


Straightaway the messenger led Merlin from the woods

and onto the city of the king, where he was met

with great rejoicing by his sister, Ganieda, and his wife, Gwendolina.


But when Merlin saw the great throngs of men flocking

to greet him and to celebrate his return he again

became mad and filled with desire to seek his solace in the wood.


Then king Rhydderch ordered him to be restrained

and he posted a guard over him and had the strains

of the cither played for him constantly to soften his mood.


And all the while the king beseeched Merlin,

imploring him to stay in the city

and promised him gifts of clothing, birds, horses and dogs,

as well as costly jewels and chattels crafted of the finest metals.


Merlin said only, “to these gifts I prefer the expansive oaks of Caledonia

and the lofty mountains with lush pastures at their feet.”

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