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…Realising that Merlin could not be appeased by worldly gifts,

king Rhydderch ordered him bound by strong chains

lest he escape again into the Caledonian forests.


Merlin’s demeanour immediately became saddened,

all smiles of joy fell from his face, and he refused to utter another word.


Just then, queen Ganieda entered the hall in search of her husband.

The king greeted her, took her by the hand and bade her sit down.

Embracing her, he pressed his lips to hers in a kiss.


Noticing a leaf hanging from Ganieda’s tresses,

king Rhydderch removed it letting it fall, twisting, to the ground.


Observing all this, Merlin’s face stretched into a broad smile,

but when questioned he refused to say what had amused him;

“A miser loves a gift and the greedy man labours to get one,

yet unless my liberty is granted, I shall not explain my laughter.”


King Rhydderch ordered Merlin’s chains to be loosed,

and granted permission for him to again seek the wild groves.


“The reason I laughed,” said Merlin, “was in the admixture of praise and blame,

by removing the leaf from queen Ganieda’s tresses you acted more faithfully

than she who lay under a bush with her lover to catch that leaf in her hair!”

3 thoughts on “Leaf…”

  1. Very full of wisdom was that Merlin. Such a good tale. I have a lot of posts by you, Sue and Stuart that I have not gotten to, but saved on my desktop to read as I have some time. The key is to never give up, never give up, never give up.

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