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Merlin made immediate plans to return to the woods,

but when he ordered the gates open,

both his sister, Ganieda, and his wife, Gwendolina, implored him, with tears, to stay.


The hard-hearted man could not be turned from his course,

and gave Gwendolina permission to re-marry in his absence,

claiming that on the day of her marriage he would

return with gifts for her and her new spouse.


As Merlin made his way from the city back into the Caledonian woods,

his wife Gwendolina and his sister Ganeida watched him go.


In their sadness they yet marvelled that a madman

could have known about Ganieda’s secret love affair.


For long years his claims about the death of the boy appeared hollow,

until the lad grew to manhood, and was out hunting a stag one day.


The stag led the hunter and his hounds through unfrequented ways

to a high rocky place with a stream running beneath.


Here the hunter slipped from his steed, fell from the high rock,

into a tree and from there, hanging upside down from

his foot which was caught in the branches, he was drowned

in the stream flowing beside the tree.


The three-fold death which Merlin foretold for the boy had come to pass.


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