Albion, Folk Tale, symbolism

Stag Hunt…

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… It was night, the horns of the bright moon shone,

the vault of heaven’s lights gleamed…


From the top of a lofty mountain,

Merlin regarded the course of the stars…


‘Gwendolina has left me in my absence,

and now clings to another man.

When tomorrow’s sun shines, I will go

and take with me the gift I promised her when I left.’


So, Merlin went about the woods and groves

and summoned a herd of stags and deer,

and he himself sat astride the largest stag…


When day dawned he had arrived at the gates

of the place where Gwendolina was to be married.


‘Gwendolina! Gwendolina! Come!

Your presents are waiting for you!’


Gwendolina came to the gates and marvelled

at the man riding on a stag, at the head of a herd of wild beasts.

Her bridegroom who was watching from a lofty window

looked down, in wonder, and laughed.


When Merlin saw the bridegroom

he wrenched the horns from the stag

 and hurled them at him smashing in his head

and driving the life of him out into the air.


With a quick turn of his heels,

Merlin set the stag ‘flying’,

and went on his way back to the wood…

9 thoughts on “Stag Hunt…”

  1. It does seem out of character, but magicians can likely change their personas as they need to. Thinking about it all, what do stags do when they are in musk(?) – not sure it is the correct term but close. Anyway, this is surely a lesson and not necessarily as it seems.

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