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Dear Don: Saxon Sisters…

nicks 012Dear Don,

It’s been a bit hectic round here this week, what with one thing and another, but I did manage to dig up our Saxon sisters… not literally, you understand… though I’m working on that….

I did find a superb church dedicated to one of them, though at Castor. No Pollux… Definitely one of ‘ours’… you should see the medieval wall paintings of St Catherine! Not to mention the green men and the carvings on the capitals… It is a bit off our patch for now, being Peterborough way… but I think there may end up being a visit at some point…

nicks 016Speaking of wall paintings, I felt the need of a little peace after the busyness this week and called at ORC. Thought I could test the new camera while I was there. Battery died after just a few shots though. I was really surprised… you’d expect the wall paintings to be more vivid in damp weather, but apparently not. You wouldn’t believe the colour! The St Catherine martyrdom was really clear! The fresco above St Christopher’s shoulder was the clearest I have ever seen it, and that small painting on the West wall with the veiled women and floating heads looked very interesting… it has to be a Doom… which seems appropriate as we are nearing the end of writing Doomsday!

nicks 015There was a Bible there this time.. the first time we have seen one there. You’ll never guess where it was marked, though… one of the lesser known passages… Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38)… which, of course, features in The Living One, doesn’t it? It was the whole veil thing that caught my eye and the concept of the ‘shrine prostitute.’ As I had just been reading a bit on the Magdalene, “you came with springing tears to the spring of mercy,” that I’d come across on a site pertaining to one of the Mercian ladies. I found it to be yet another of those curious coincidences…

Squirrels in the grounds too after I’d been looking at the ones in the tiles of the chancel… on the veiled lady’s knee… Apparently the squirrel could be a symbol of eveil (being red like the fires of Hell) as well as the industry needed for spiritual growth!

nicks 001Of course, there were the kites too, as always. ( Sighs… still fuzzy…) I’d had to translate for my visitor and looked up their name in French. You’re going to like this…. It translates as milan royale … and the various etymologies of milan give it as union, a coming together, and as love…. Royal Love…? Ring any bells?

Mind you, speaking of coincidences… wait till you see what the art installation at the Manor threw up!

So, although I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d have liked this week for Doomsday, I don’t think that’s such a bad haul.


Wen & Anu x

P.S. The Black Beast has added yet another element to the Great Game… the Ball of Power is now being buried under the ritual manuscripts…

I now have to work for the privilege of throwing it; on my knees too!

No doubt you will find the hidden symbolism Anu is playing with there… though I can imagine another comment….








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