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Dear Wen: Saxon Sisters…

Hi, Wen…

‘…Doom’s Children…The Children of Doom…
They told my Lord the way to the Mountain of Power.
They told him to throw down his sword and return to the earth.
Ha! Time enough for the earth… in the grave.’nicks 015

Yes, I think it could be a doom: the ‘brick-work’ may be the teeth of Hell’s Maw or that around a furnace and the figure behind pitching them in… is a Devil… ‘Nice…’

We had them as decapitated heads originally, remember, when all we could see were the heads, and they turn out to be quite the opposite.

It is difficult to believe that the paintings are from the same church there is so much colour… It must be the heat… very alchemical!

Yes, a part of the Judah and Tamar tale appears in, ‘The Living One’… it is a ‘Twin’ or ‘Shadow Story’ and hence psychologically very interesting for our purposes.

Because the children are ‘mixed up,’ we get both the first born and youngest son… in one… so to speak. Traditionally, both have very different fates and are in this story regarded as ‘fighting each other in the womb’.

This gives plenty of scope for extending the drama as the mix up works itself out after their birth, and the story unfolds.

The institution of a ‘shrine prostitute’ is interesting.

In effect in, ‘The Living One’, Yva ‘the mother of all living’ which in one interpretation is ‘breath’ performs that function, the shrine in this case being, the Garden in the East…

The battling ‘Twins’ are here ‘telescoped’ back a generation…

Breath as the price of life may take us a little way into the mystery and may be one reason why breath control can lead the consciousness into ‘other worlds’…

‘Royal Love’ is more Alchemy of course ‘the royal road’…

P1000968Our Divine Anarchist, Anu, looks like he is ready for some more mischief or like he has just been involved in some.

When does he ever not?

He seems to be making a point about love and reading…

How does his snout always manage to look like it has just been in the sherbet…?

What a Daft Dog…


Don xx

P.S. Latest edit of ‘Doomsday’ enclosed… The Jesus-John-Judas-Joseph thing works really well on the Enneagram. You will need to do the same for the Mary’s…

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