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Dear Don: Wednesbury…

Dear Don,

Still cross-eyed from the editing bBakewell Imbolc 001 (95)ut Doomsday should be ready for off by August as we planned. I can’t believe how much stuff there is in there… or how much more we have already for Dark Sage! All sorts of stuff keeps cropping up, now. Did you know that Malham Cove, according to one legend, was made by one of Sleipnir’s hooves? There’s even a suggestion that Santa’s reindeer might have a basis in the eight legged horse of Odin.

Such a rich vein of mythology to look at… I feel as if my education has been sadly lacking, you know! Why do we not get taught this stuff in school? I remember you telling me that it was the search for the mythology of Albion that had carried you into the research that led to Crucible of the Sun.

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (59)Funny, really, I suppose we already do know our own mythology in a way, even though there is no coherent set of ancient myths…you can see the commonality behind the myths of other cultures… the human condition, the search for our place within a world we seek to comprehend… The details of the stories change, but the themes are shared. The fragments that remain… the later myths of the various invaders and incoming cultures… I wouldn’t mind betting that what has survived was adopted by the local people simply because it was the same story under a different guise, so they were already familiar and comfortable with the principles and powers involved.

In fact, given that carved stone cross, I bet that was exactly what happened…

Did you know, by the way, that there is a 45 foot steel Sleipnir near Wednesbury? (Oooh… another ‘Wen’ place name…). And have you noticed the resemblance between the ancient ‘horse’ at Uffington and some of the older representations of Odin’s steed?

There’s even an Odin’s mine and cave at Castleton… and that’s already on the hit-list, of course.

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (62)Mind, the Repton thing keeps cropping up too. Apparently the Viking’s hoofed the monks out of the monastery at one point after they invaded and overwintered in the buildings… an excavation of the crypt showed it not to be such a good idea though as a lot of them died in an epidemic there.

So if we do manage to get to Repton and Breedon this weekend we should have a whole bunch of stuff to be going at!

Anu sends his regards… you’ll be pleased to know he has dug up a quantity of tennis balls ready for your forthcoming trip south for the Glastonbury event. Not that it makes a lot of difference in practice, of course… no matter how many he has, there is only ever the One that captures his attention…

See you soon,  fog 026

Wen and Anu x

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