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Dear Don: Dorcas…

Dear Don ,sheffield chesterfield hare 537

Well, we may have thought we’ve done little more than assimilate and read from the fabled Book this weekend, but over 1500 pictures say otherwise… I’d lost track of half of what we’ve managed to do till I looked… for a leisurely weekend we did manage to pack quite a bit in!

Granted, I started solo on the way up, contrary to express instructions… I repeated the mantra all the way up the motorway… “ I will not go finding things…” But as I explained… it was the pigeon that made me do it. And with Breedon being so close to my unplanned exit from the motorway, it would have seemed impolite not to call in at the church… At least we know with all the Saxon carvings and the location we really do need to go there properly.

Then there was Bakewell and the Holy Well… still seems odd it wasn’t signposted at all… and all the jackdaws… Perfect for the cover of Dark Sage too!

sheffield chesterfield hare 495The Saint Edmund’s arrows, I checked… we found them at the church in Castleton… where we had the gift of the Hare… though I haven’t managed to track down the name of that hill yet. There are, however, a number of tumuli, forts and a hillfort just about there… so I’m guessing we’re going to need at least a day there at some point.

The Dorcas thing… and two windows. We never even thought to check the Concordance for Tabitha, did we? The two names are the Aramaic and Greek, both meaning ‘gazelle’ apparently…

I checked Robert Young’s literal translation of Genesis 11:3, by the way … oddly, that reads ‘Give help”… a bit of a shift there, don’t you think?

sheffield chesterfield hare 234Ben will be pleased with the window we found in Ashford though… nice to actually come across it like that when he uses it so often to illustrate some of the concepts of the School.

Right, I suppose I ought to get to work… and collect the Black Beast from her weekend away.


Wen x


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