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Dear Wen: Heron…

Dear Wen…

I Saw a Heron myself over the weekend… in flight… following the path of the river…the river Don actually… may have to start referring to it as the river Me… he he he…

X ilkley weekend 093Looks like we’ll be going into and under the hill-fort this time which will seem a bit strange, although, we have already been led a little way down that particular path: what with Odin Mine and all.

I still think that would make a great setting for The Green Chapel but it is not that easy to get people up there.

It all reminds me of Dashwood and the hell-fire caves from the first book: he certainly appears to have had all the bases covered, for good or ill…

Don’t get me started on the High Crosses. I am nurturing an overwhelming desire to return them all to their original positions in the landscape which would doubtless make for interesting reading in the next cycle of books.

fox 037Chester is probably not that easy to fit in at present but we could take another look at the Eyam cross…

I am starting to think they may also have served as portals and doorways.

The links would be the scenes on the iconographical panels… so for example you could enter at a beast-master scene on a ‘cross’ at Taddington and come out at a beast-master scene on a ‘cross’ at Sandbach… ingenious huh?

At the very least it would make for a good guided journey… or video track…

Goodness knows where such ideas originate from. We probably need a name for the beast-master…? Obviously there are a number of candidates in the tradition… all of which we have looked at in the books.

Poor Anu, he looks like the dog that bet on black when up came red, except that dogs don’t frequent casinos… more is the pity…

ani1Double oh K9 anybody…?

Don x

4 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Heron…”

  1. What all are you all imbibing over there? You are having way too much fun, and I don’t know if the funmeister will go for that. This was very fun to read . . . and lucky for you all, the funmeister is not one of my dual natures today!

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