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Dear Wen: Little John…

amarex diagram 107Dear Wen,

Yes, thanks, I was away and the weather was good on the Fylde coast… No sign of Man unfortunately but the clear skies gave quite spectacular views of the Cumbrian hills…

Looking forward to Harvest too although I think I may plump for the Shell rather than the Robe… I have come across an interesting hieroglyph, which we may be able to use as a ‘sand’ painting.

Copy (2) of yorkshire 008I am familiar with Odin’s ‘blossoming’ but not the reflection, although as the web-site you linked to explains the High One waited for the runes to reveal themselves on the reflective surface of a well… in other words… he ‘scryed’ for them…

The runes are linked to the words and deeds in fact they are the words and deeds…, which, perhaps is no more than to say that the truly creative Word is Deed…

Though I seem to recall there being eighteen rune-spells… this may be a different tradition.

Quite coincidentally, it is beginning to look like reflection is also the key to Glastonbury, the glass of the isle of glass is a looking glass… that is possibly, why there are so many disparate views to behold there…

silbury (9)Yes, the comparative method has a lot to answer for… but really is the only way to make sense of it all… everything informs everything else…

I am not sure I ever got to Dinton but I have seen the pictures of the tympanum…

Notwithstanding the simplistic notions of locality, I expect most areas did have their own Wild-Man, if only as yet another aspect or personification of the genius loci.

Sherbert flavoured moths from the look of that snout…birds 2 007

Daft Dog!


Don x

P.S. I expect you found the title highly anusing… tsk!


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