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Dear Wen: Twin Beasts…

the triumph of horsenden 065Dear Wen,

‘…You needn’t gild the lily
offer jewels to the sunset
No one is watching or standing
in your shoes
wash your lonely feet in the
river in the morning
everything promised is delivered to you…’

I thought you might like that.

hill of vision 030It reminded me of coming down off the moors and into the hotel restaurant, and of the river at the foot of Fin Cop, somehow…

I’m naming the rock formation The Castle of Skulls…

Real Indi stuff, or what, eh?

Doubtless, we’ll now have to go in there.

Ah yes, the original pointy stone syndrome… it makes one wonder just who is actually buried up there?

the triumph of horsenden 028It will be good to revisit some of the old haunts with a slightly different perspective and we are bound to have missed loads the first time around.

It’s going to be difficult to beat those original shots but some of the recent efforts have been getting there…

kites 327_DxOThe cross we already have for Dark Sage is fine… and the one at St Nicks is a reproduction anyway.

However, the twinned beast motif is reminiscent of the one on the Ilkley cross and may (or may not) have something to do the Beast of Mercia… The two beasts have bodies facing inwards but heads facing out… an intriguing perspective given that most of us do the exact opposite…

…And speaking of beasts…

The Black One of Waddeson is looking a trifle pasty faced…

Tickle his chin for me won’t you…

And explain that I won’t be bringing either trifle or pasties but if he behaves with my cushions I may bring him some cheese.ani 002

Don x

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