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Dear Don: Dark Sage…

Dear Don,Window, North Transept, Glastonbury

The weather here is lousy. Hope it is better up your way!

The editing for Dark Sage is coming on apace, though it would make it easier if both the computer and internet would cooperate… both have been playing up this week. Still, we have to get those last shots for the end of the book while I am up your way, so there is time. Frustrating though!

I’ve been looking at our friend Simon a bit when I could. No, not the fish; Simon Zelotes. Of course, tradition avers that he visited Glastonbury, which explains the window, but there are many other traditions, including that he lived and died peacefully at Edessa… and that struck me as a tad coincidental. Not only given the name of the heroine in the story of the giant, but also because of the Mandylion… the cloth imprinted with the face of Jesus according to the stories, similar to the Veil of Veronica.

glaston4 186Considering what we have written in Dark Sage, that seemed a bit too coincidental somehow…

Then there is the legend of the Edessa portrait; a painting of Jesus taken in life on the orders of King Abgar and a letter…

Curiouser and curiouser.

I use the Alice quote because I sort of feel a little as though I am in Wonderland when all these strange, archaic tales seem to begin to make sense and form an understandable pattern… even if it is a pattern I cannot yet translate properly.

That’s the trouble though; once you start digging into these things the chain of correspondences are endless, aren’t they? I could happily spent the entire day following their trail, but of course there is work to be done. And a PC that doesn’t want to play.

Meanwhile, I am going to have to re-read T.H.White, aren’t I? Has to be done…

The daft dog is hibernating for the winter, I think. Pretty much all I am seeing is bits of dark fur and the occasional ear sticking out from under the cushions.ani poorly 020

See you soon,


Wen and Anu x

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