Life Lines ~ a review by Pamela S. Wight

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I whispered your name to the Universe,

Silent echoes, butterflies on the wind,

Calling you to me.

Only in softness, gentle as snowflakes,

Fragile and transient

Will the voiceless speak.

Yet into the silence your name flutters,

A feather falling at my feet

From a clear sky.

I hear my voice and listen to my own cry

Calling your name in the silence,

In you I find myself.

From Life Lines ~ Sue Vincent

Author Pamela S. Wight of Roughwighting left a lovely review of Life Lines on Goodreads:

Life Lines: Poems from a Reflection by [Sue Vincent]

“Vincent begins her book of soul-full poems with the sentence “There is a poet in every heart.” Those who read Life Lines: Poems from a Reflection will discover their own poetic heart, if they’re not sure if they have one. And those who sink deep into reflections on life, death, ageing, the Spirit, bad times, joy, peace, their purpose…

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