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Dear Wen: Offing North…

Dear Wen,x hobhurst, ballcross, bakewell, sheffield weekend 115

It seems awhile since we last met but it was only the Solstice…

Things appear to move slower at this time of year…

There was a smattering of ground snow here this morning.

I expect it will be worse further up North…but as you say we should at least get to Chester and its surrounds.

Chester Cathedral is not as big as Lincoln although the last time I was there I wouldn’t have been noticing things the same as now nor the same things of course…

I couldn’t quite miss the ‘disappearing monk’. I wonder if he will show up again or if the ‘court room’ will be open again. I have a feeling that it isn’t open all that often.

I hope we can get to the hill-fort at Saughall too… It will be strange re-visiting the place after all these years… the scene of the ‘Entangled Ewe’ of course.

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (39)It will be good to see the ‘crosses’… and compare them to those we’ve been studying in Derbyshire… we have quite a collection now.
I cannot though say that I am over enthused about the prospect of bathing at this time of year.

You are undoubtedly correct about the inner circle of savants, it possible that many of those who carved the symbols and geometries would be unaware of all but their rudimentary meanings… The geometries though must have had some sort of effect whilst they were carving, or drawing them… at least you’d have thought so…

Looking forward to it…ani 005

Throw a ball or three for the Foul Fell Fetcher…


Don x

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