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Dear Don: Cephalophores…

Dear Don,

I know it was only Solstice… but that was in the south! Not the same at all…

I had a better look at the whole Holywell thing.

You remember that it is one of our cephalophores… St Winefride, who is responsible for the eruption of the holy spring there? She seems to encapsulate (if you’ll pardon the expression) a good many of the themes of Christian mythology as well as some pre-Christian ones too… the virgin raped and beheaded, the holy spring of water where the head fell… and the Lazarus effect as she was restored to life. Symbolically it is well worth exploring.

Her well is a healing one, with many miracles attributed and is still venerated deeply today. It is, apparently known as the Lourdes of Wales and the saint herself is written of as the Welsh Lazarus.

Beheading of St Catherine, Pickering
Beheading of St Catherine, Pickering

Of course, the Welsh version of her name means I have a vested interest here… Gwenffrewi. Apparently it means ‘white or fair’ as we know and ‘peace, reconciliation’… which, if you take the ‘wen’ in the symbolic sense would make a ‘sacred reconciliation’ of head and body… or life and death, secular and sacred, body and soul… well worth a look, in spite of the ‘Wen’ connection, I’d say…

…We will not mention that a wen is also a small growth…

Changing the subject rapidly… The hawks and red kites have been particularly noticeable lately, you know. There isn’t a day goes by without them sitting on fences and hedges, just watching. Today one came in to land on the hedgerow right next to me as I was driving home. And I still don’t have ‘that’ shot…

red kiteThe Black Beast has gone into hibernation mode. The sofa has become a den with cushions constantly rearranged to make a den… and not just the little cushions either. To sit on the thing I have to oust the beast from under the seat. All I can see at present is the tip of a tail… You are going to have to have words next time you are down.ani cleaning 006

See you soon,


The White One and the Black One. x

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