Life, Lockdown, Trickster

A Grey Area…

Stuart France



The lockdown measures imposed by the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions England) Regulations are some of the most extreme restrictions on fundamental freedoms imposed in the modern era.

They are a disproportionate interference with the rights and freedoms protected by the Europen Convention on Human Rights and therefore unlawful.

The Regulations gravely impact a number of rights and freedoms including to:

family and private life (Article 8)

religious practice (Article 9)

association and assembly (Article 11)

property (Article 1 of Protocol1)

education (Article 1 of Protocol 1)

…liberty (Article 5)

Field Court Chambers


“A question, your Majesty,” said Teigue-the-Fool, “Does this mean that your Officers of the Law should re-direct their attentions away from rifling through shopping trolleys looking for ‘non-essential items’ to confiscate, and the like, and instead seek out, arrest and incarcerate the perpetrators of this unlawfulness?”


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