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Dear Don: Trip…

scotland trip jan 15 383Dear Don,

Great trip, wasn’t it? We have so much stuff to work with; even more now I’m digging into the research… let alone so many reasons to revisit a few places!

The other stones at Sandbach look as if they are worth a trip…the description of one of them sounds very similar to the hogback stones, though it isn’t saying it is one. It does refer to the roof-like structure though. And apparently there is yet another cross in the churchyard of ancient date. We may need to check out Cheadle and Acton churches too…

In St Mary the Virgin, Acton. Image:
In St Mary the Virgin, Acton. Image:

Heysham too is throwing up some surprises. You remember the bird carving mentioned on the plaque? I found a pic of it… it is a bird of prey and part of a seat or throne! It actually looks like a big chunk. Lancaster museum might be worth a trip when we are in the area, just to see it. They also have earlier artefacts there.

There is a pre-Roman labyrinth on the beach too, carved into the rocks of the sea cliff… one of only three surviving. Found a picture of that too…

Image: G. H. Nash
Image: G. H. Nash

Wulfric and Hugh Lupus keep cropping up in the research… Ben will like that for the vulpine references, of course.

We were right about Bede and Durham, by the way. He is interred there and there is a shrine… though we failed to spot it. Wonder why it wasn’t flagged?

Sundial on Bewcastle Cross. Image : Bewcastle House of Prayer
Sundial on Bewcastle Cross. Image : Bewcastle House of Prayer

We missed a cross in Cumbria too. I knew there was another but couldn’t think where… Bewcastle. Apparently it is almost as good as Ruthwell! Has the Viking runes too. Mind… that’s do-able as a day trip …or better still an overnighter one weekend. I won’t mention all the Roman remains in the area…

The Black Beast appeared to be glad to see me. The bark went up several octaves … more of a yelp really… then dived round at top speed collecting the tennis balls and throwing them for me. You need to have words with that dog… completely got the wrong end of the stick there! Then sat with the nose glued to my clothes and walking boots for an hour inhaling…

Daft dog.


Wen and Anu x

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