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Size matters – Lichfield Cathedral

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Back in June 2017, I finally managed to break my journey between north and south to spend time at one of our mediaeval cathedrals…

In our modern world, when we are accustomed to seeing skyscrapers on every skyline, size seems to have lost much of its potency.  Giant airliners fly overhead carrying hundreds of passengers. The biggest cruise ship could hold the entire population of my village several times over. But even today, the scale of a cathedral reminds you that size matters.

You simply cannot help it… walk into any cathedral and your eyes are immediately drawn upwards.  For the modern visitor, there is a wealth of detail to be found and enjoyed, but there is more to it than art. The architects of the great medieval edifices were evidently psychologists too, and knew exactly how to induce a feeling of awe.

When the building of Lichfield Cathedral was…

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