Albion, Don and Wen

A thousand miles of history…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Two years ago, The Silent Eye held a workshop in Dorset… and Stuart and I embarked upon a thousand mile trek through the ancient and sacred landscape, taking in natural beauty, prehistoric sites, wonderful old churches and exploring some of the places that fall on or around the leys known as the Michael and Mary lines. As many of the things we found followed and built upon the work we had done at the previous workshop, and we are all still stuck in lockdown, another chance to revisit that journey seems in order… and should keep us going for a while 😉 So… a thousand miles of history…

To be exact, that should be one thousand, one hundred and twenty four miles, but that makes for a bit of a mouthful as a title… and that’s without the other few hundred miles Stuart had to travel between his home in…

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