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Dear Don: Journal…

scotland trip jan 15 395Dear Don,

Well, that’s it. I’ve finally managed to finish the journal of our last jaunt. We have a reasonable record now as well as the four thousand visual reminders in my photo files… For all I have scribbled down so much about the trip I left such a lot out too. I’m hoping what is there will remind us. I still can’t quite believe how much we managed to see, you know! I am so grateful.

Even harder to encompass is the sheer scale of the ‘coincidences’ that appear to have wandered the road with us. Right down to Kentigern’s association with both Aberlady and our hairy anchorite… or the same masons working on three Norman churches 250 miles apart. There is a lot to take in and digest. I wonder where it will lead?

scotland trip jan 15 207I’ve tried to allude to some of the stuff that cropped up in the journal so that it is there when we are ready, though goodness knows what will come of it all… except that next book, of course! You really do have to have a look at the carvings on the crosses we missed at Middleton though…

The weirdest thing is how the things we found tie in with the beginning so neatly, except we are revisiting the ideas now with greater knowledge and a better understanding, so we are seeing even more. Makes you wonder what we would get from a revisit of the little churches down my way or around your area… I wouldn’t mind betting we’d kick ourselves for the stuff we missed first time round.scotland trip jan 15 081

Yet, it isn’t all that weird… that spiral is just the way these things go, isn’t it? We couldn’t have seen the things we missed, because we weren’t ready… still not equipped to see them. That learning curve just keeps on spiralling ever wider… which is such a delight.

…Unless it involves tennis balls. Then the learning curve spirals out of control. I am being taught the new rules by the Black Beast., which include being brought the ball to throw the moment I, erm, sit down in the bathroom…

I think you are going to have to have a quiet word with that dog again…ani 001

See you soon,


Wendolina and the bête noir x

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