Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I whisper you to the west,
The mist carried your name across the cloud-path,
Coursing through the life blood of rivers,
Washing far off shores as tides ebb and flow,
Drawn by the moonlight.

I whispered you to the south,
The sun shone for you, gilding your hair,
Sand devils danced with the serpents before you
Passionate abandon of summer
In a painted desert.

I whispered you to the east,
The breeze took you, caressing your skin
Kissing your face as you laughed in the sunrise
Filling your being with breath
In jealous intimacy.

I whispered you to the north,
Where the hills curve around you like a lover,
Undulating gently beneath your body
Pressed close to her green mantle
As the sky darkens for you.

I whispered you to my soul
Your name echoed in the star filled void
I found there. And every star was you

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