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Dear Wen: Journal…

Dear Wen,CA Village and church (25)
Well done!
We should have enough there to keep us occupied for a while.
The jaunt seems to have captured the imagination of a fair few folk… will they show as much interest in the book when it emerges I wonder…

di at ashridge 021The hairy anchorite made me laugh, again… He, if it is a ‘he’, looks like a Yeti.

There is an extension to the inner and outer symbolism we first flagged up in, ‘The Heart of Albion’ deserving of mention.
Cerne Abbas church if I recall correctly…

CA Village and church (12)The grotesques’ on the roof bosses although inside the church act as supports to the roof ‘of heaven’.

Similarly, the statues of the dignitaries ‘tread’ various ‘sins’ or calumnies underfoot… a little like St Michael ‘quelling’ the dragon or the Beast…

Although, not at all like Lao Tsu riding on his ox…
Of course, it is an ideal.

I wonder how many of the church officials thus depicted inevitably turned out to be ‘human, all too human’ in one or more ways?

Well, yes, I suppose so but one can only notice or see what one can see…as you rightly go on to say…

CA Village and church (35)You did not answer my question from last time by the way, the one about the Four Holy Creatures…

The bête noir needs taking in hand quite evidently…ani 001


Don x

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