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Dear Wen: Four Beasts…

scotland trip jan 15 335Ah, Little Grub,

You have provided an excellent answer… I particularly like the intuition, working from memory, which so cleverly ties the revelation to the evangelic mission.

It is, in my humble opinion, an even more eloquent statement than that which the lectionaries of the middle ages disseminated… and all from the top of your ‘no longer quite so russet bedecked’ head…

north 017In broad terms, your idea of the wings raising us from the bestial works beautifully and is evidently a most appropriate insight.

My own revelation had to do specifically with the Zodiacal considerations of the symbolism and you nearly took me there with your cardinal points…

They refer though to the ‘quarter’ points which means they form a ‘Saltire’.

There is more to the St Andrew legend than initially meets the eye.

Diana and co north 120I am certain that both Ezekiel and John had these astrological considerations in mind when employing their symbolism but for that particular exposition, we will have to wait for the publication of ‘Scions of Albion’.

I am of course now itching to see the stones of Middleton, although I do have some reservations about these sneak previews. It does seem in some way ‘dishonest’ to consider them without first seeing them in the flesh although we did unintentionally do that with the ‘fish stone’ to some extent.

It makes me wish that we had hung around a little while and waited for the ‘key-holder’ but then they may not have shown up at all and we did have other ‘fish’ to fry.5 Pickering (88)

Which prompts me to enquire, how are we doing with, ‘The Legend’?

I shall leave you with a quotation O Little One…

‘The Ilkley ‘crosses’ must be considered alongside those at Collingham, Otley, Guisley, Leeds Dewsbury and Kildwick.’

We are going to be busy me thinks…

Mister Anu, the tennis balls are just going to have to wait!

Love,kitewalk 2 022

Something Feral
Don x

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