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Dear Don: Saltire…

sheffield chesterfield hare 234Morning Don,

Well, as you know The Legend came to birth and is taking its first foray into the world. I am so pleased with the way it has turned out! My copy finally arrived this morning 🙂

The Saltire has been wandering through my dreams in geometric form. You remember that it was the flag of Mercia, gold on a blue ground? It brought with it the Chi Rho symbol, which I know referred to the six directions and something about Time. Wasn’t the symbol of Chronos very similar? Anyway, I recall understanding it perfectly and the whole thing was quite a revelation.

Aerial view of St Peter's Square, Vatican Image:
Aerial view of St Peter’s Square, Vatican Image:

Dragging myself out of bed to walk the Fell Beast, the dreams dissipated before I could catch them so I have no idea what the revelation was. Hopefully it will re-emerge from the depths  at some point if we tempt it with enough symbolism… Ever been to Rome….?

Have you thought, too, about how the Chi Roi maps onto the enneagram… and the Tree, for that matter? It would have to be centred on Tiphareth… or Daath, revealing the hidden Paths… I have symbols jostling around my mind this morning.

rosexSpeaking of which… we started out with the whole floating head thing and the symbolism of those saints martyred by beheading and the cephalophores. Which tied in nicely with the Brythonic/Celtic connection. Then there was… and is… this whole recurring question of the Twins…

snow weekend 112Have you noticed the new theme that seems to be rearing its head, so to speak? We are now onto Devouring Beasts. We seem to be getting an awful lot of them… from the ones we saw in Scotland to the font at Tissington and the door at Bradbourne.

You will have to bend that powerful and marginally tangential mind to that. The obvious Christian symbolism has Man overcoming the beast of his animal nature. This is something very different… I have vague intimations ani 006wafting around, but not quite there yet.

The Beast, by the way, has a new toy. Bad mistake… it squeaks. Constantly. You may be lucky… it may have been ‘disembowelled’ before your next visit.


Wen and Anu x

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