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Dear Wen: Saltire…

Dear Wen…valerian 043

Yes, great to see ‘The Legend…’ making its way in the world. It looks fabulous, if I say so myself… I have remembered where the strange recipe like description came from. It was inspired by ‘Lights’. The one regret would be that we didn’t have enough pictures and unequivocal to explore in more detail the movements of the dances. We did a little with ‘Stellar’ and ‘The Jig’ of course but ‘Standing Stones’ ‘The Three Magicians’ and ‘Jump at the Sun’ would have been interesting…and would have extended the mythology somewhat…

Picture 114I wonder if your disturbing dream had anything to do with reading the draft of Chapter Five over the other weekend…

The ‘devouring beast’ is perplexing isn’t it, as the ‘beheading theme’ was initially I suppose…But to have it on a font… first gleanings… it has to do with inner and outer again. The font actually is a great symbol for this. They probably do not do this anymore but originally the new-born would be lowered into the basin and fully obscured from view…As a maw though I’d have more readily put it down as that of the fish partly because of Jonah and there are fishes carved on the other side…Did we know that in the old churches the font would have been situated directly above the crossing nodal energy points? Makes one wonder about ‘the Dark Virgin’ does it not…

revelation 091The beast on the doorway is different though and perhaps has to do with ‘the body of the church’ and ‘the head.’ It is possibly a threshold symbol. In isolation your ‘overcoming the body’ is not far off but it is more ‘be mindful’ of what you are entering… we still remove our hats, do we not, or at least are expected to. But the icon is in a sequence and without deciphering the others in the sequence it would be unwise to speculate overmuch.

snow weekend 028Your designation of the beast on the font as a lion is interesting. I am not sure whether we have actually ever had lions in Albion, cave lions would be a distinct possibility a long, long time ago though of course we have had a ‘lion-hearted’ king which ultimately links with both heraldry and alchemy…

Biblically speaking the man surrounded by beasts is always Daniel, and our window with the aforementioned displaying the spirit sign as protection loops nicely back to John and baptismal fonts perhaps…

… ‘Cursed be the man who eats a lion
that the lion becomes human.

Blessed be the lion that eats a man
when the lion becomes human…”

Do not tell Anu, you will only upset him.


Don x

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