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Dear Wen: Romans…

scotland trip jan 15 318Dear Wen…

Yeah, yeah… Romans!

I can’t get overly enthused, myself, despite the copious lectures I have had to endure…

Celts versus Romans is, for me, a little like Spartans versus Athenians… No contest.

And my time in Chester contemplating whether or not to apply for the job as a Roman Centurian patrolling the city walls.

For the tourists you understand. Hmm, let’s see now, I think I decided… Not!

It was quite good seeing the recycled roman columns at Chester Cathedral…scotland trip jan 15 012

…and of course the floor tiles at Little Missenden…

…but for me they were never the main event, just side-shows.

The thought of setting out specifically for something Roman seems anathema especially since the elusive yet copiously signed ‘road’ over the Moors…

Which correct me if I’m wrong but we never quite found did we?

Quite happy to trip up North again…the ‘Loki bound’ stone is interesting… his head bindings could be snakes or even a jester’s cap…

And we always were going to get into Middleton, possibly on the way back to Whitby…

Maiden Castle (112)
Wasn’t there a ruined Roman Temple in the precincts of Maiden Castle?

Dedicated to Minerva if memory serves…

Fan Mail… who needs it?

You have my permission to instruct the Beast in two new words.

‘Art’ and ‘Prostitution’…ani 001


Don x

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