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Dear Wen: Dunstan…

valerian 106Dear Wen…

That doesn’t surprise me… No will power.

It’s all to do with your earthly descent I expect…

We still need to visit the Anglo Saxon church at Northampton…

Do we know which of the Nine Mary’s and what the window is depicting?
It is a spooky feeling to realise the worthy ‘Devil Conjuror’ himself doubtless gazed upon the same window.

An interesting tale and one that should fit with some of our themes in the latest offering which is no doubt why we were sent there… There was an Old Woman…

I wish we’d looked at the well now…my fault really, had the thought but ignored it…still it’s not like its a million miles away… and it looks like you can drink from it… Much prefer the new set up…a veritable Little House of the Living…

The Dunstan devil looks like Gollum… and the figure as a whole is reminiscent of the St Michael and Devil from Coventry Cathedral.

St Michael's Victory over the Devil, a sculpture by Sir Jacob EpsteinWhat’s the difference between striking the earth with a staff and attacking the devil with smithy’s tongs?

‘Pulled by the nose’ is interesting too as is a ‘roaring’ heard three miles away… Smiths and Devils it seems go hand in hand…

Is the White-leaf Cross on the hill of our raven’s and kite from the first book I wonder…

kites 434It looks like the same place but I can’t make out the barrow, or the navel… must be an excuse for a quotation if it is… It seems we are being inexorably led back to a number of our initial themes…

Ah, the red, red gloom of the Black Stench.

He’ll soon perk up if you let him finish off the cheese…


Don x

17 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Dunstan…”

    1. Thanks for the question, Robbie… To strike the earth with a staff is to call forth the energies of the earth. To lead the devil by the nose, by whatever means is to impose a will upon those energies. Ultimately it resolves into the perennial dichotomy between the (dead) letter and (living) spirit of the law… 😉

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  1. Wow, well, I sure am intrigued to figure out all these mysteries. Do you suppose that we all will live long enough to uncover the messages in any of them? Incredible!!! We will need at least another lifetime or two, and if we get it, what will be our agenda? I am over here and so perhaps I will have to sprout wings to get there. That part of the world definitely seems older than where I am, so more mysteries there and in other parts of the world. Hmmm, Life gets more and more interesting as we all go along!

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          1. Probably true. I think I have a long way to go. Probably if I got to be on the trips, a lot of it could be better understood. Well, in my dreams . . . I love studying it even if I am not there in understanding yet. Thank you all.

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  2. That is very true, but being with the others and in the actual places visited is also a wonderful thing and I doubt can be surpassed. Still, I am lucky to get to contemplate in my own home in my jammies with hair all askew!

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