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Dear Don: Questing…

Dear Don,flying solo 280
I knew I’d never hear the end of that ‘women are earthly apes’ business… Now if it had been the female of the species from the stars I might not have dismissed the theory…

Yes, there are a few churches around Northamptonshire we need to see, I think, let alone St Albans, Roman or not. It can’t all be Roman… in fact, the St Michael’s church there is Anglo Saxon and dates from the early 900s apparently. There is a rather unusual monument there to Francis Bacon too; for all the conflicting accounts of his personal life, the writer of ‘New Atlantis’ is an interesting character. “Thou, O Father, who gavest the visible light as the first-born of thy creatures…”

flying solo 268I got to the bottom of the ‘Mary’ in the window of the church at North Marston, by the way. I knew who it was too, just couldn’t think of the name… largely because it isn’t a Mary at all… it is Tabitha/ Dorcas… we’ve met her before… our ‘gazelle’.

Odd you should mention that the sculpture of St Dunstan reminds you of the St Michael and the Devil at Canterbury… Dunstan was Archbishop there you know. Having looked, I can’t find the name of the sculptor of the Risborough piece, though the style differs a fair bit from the Epstein. On the other hand, they both reminded me of the ‘green man’ from the cathedral church in Sheffield.

Diana and co north 026We can now speculate on whether the mythological interpretation of the Devil renders him a Giant. When you think of the truly ancient sites, many of them have old stories associating the stones with giants… or the Devil. If they represent the quashing of paganism by early Christianity as we discussed, then it would be very easy for the transition from giant to devil to be made in the folk record, wouldn’t it?

flying solo 267We do seem to be stumbling back across many of our earlier themes… including the holy wells which appear to have cropped up an awful lot more than usual lately. Ever since we visited Holywell in fact… even though we missed the one at Aspatria. Not surprising really when you consider how many of them sprang from the planting of a staff or the passage of a cephalophore…

sleeveThe Beast ate the cheese and is still sulking… and searching for the lost ball… maybe a walk would help…


Wen and the Questing Beast x

2 thoughts on “Dear Don: Questing…”

  1. It’s very interesting that there is a brand of veggies here in the U.S. that as far as I know, has always been called Green Giant. It may just be the logo for the veggies, and I am not even sure whether it is beans or peas or a variety of veggies. I just remember it. It must have come from one of the sources you have mentioned. Lots of interesting stuff mentioned here that is definitely reading up on further. Something good to look into as we round the corner into the New Year. Wishing you all the best for this New Year ahead of us and all the years that follow. Hugs and blessings one and all, Anne


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