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Dear Wen: Tree…

x aylesbury 044Dear Wen

I thought we had already established that Men come from the Starry Heavens, and Women from the Stony Earth…

A good quotation though, from whence does it hail? (geddit?)

It sounds like Blake?

I like the Snake as a device and Eden starts to sound like she (?) had a hand in the affair.

You may have to elaborate on the ‘Death = Universal Gnosis and Initiation’ idea…

It should really be the tree of knowing good-evil or evil-good…And in one sense life always operates beyond these terms and or any other of the polarities or value judgements we impose on it ‘…because it’s judgement that defeats us…’

Angelic consciousness also operates beyond Good-Evil or Evil-Good…

x aylesbury 070You will definitely have to elaborate on the following passage:

…from the apex of the Triangle, where the Trees are but Two of a Garden that is One…. But Three must result in Four, of course. So, maybe dimensionally then, where Two … or rather, the essence of Two ‘fall’ from the central One… in which case our tetrahedron is missing a Scion of Eden…

Which I do not wholly follow, although the first statement is sound and describes the nature of a flat plane equilateral triangle, the second statement refers to dimensionality I think, the triangle becomes a tetrahedron. Your next statement should have three falling from the central point not two or is that the point you’re making? Genesis only has two that fall not three, yet one could argue that the serpent falls too… Geometrically speaking fall is wrong anyway, the points depend from the centre. So what’s the difference between depending from something and depending on something? There is a whole world of difference of course. I quite like, ‘the essence of Two’. In essence the serpent belongs to both but is different in each. Rather like the Jungian idea of Anima and Animus. Could we then regard the serpent or snake as the Soul? Quite possibly, perhaps that is where it gained its reputation for wisdom…before it got saddled with evil…  Your resulting Merkabah looks like it owes more to the Enneagram than it does to the Tree…which is fine by me.

The wild beast within is far more dangerous than the wild beast without…watchdog (2)

Pass the tuna…


Don x


8 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Tree…”

  1. I have been fascinated by the symbolism of the snake, which I looked up in Wikipedia. Their version states: “Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.” I thought this was interesting as I have seen snakes in some form in most every society. I have yet to read more articles about their symbolism, but I definitely like these. I want to learn more about the snake because they are shown as being sort of evil or the bringers of evil, but in the end result, the “evil” is choosing free will. So it is an interesting take on the issue of our using our own minds.

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