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Dear Don: Scions…

5 Pickering (15)Dear Don,

What I want to know is… have you uploaded the shots of Mister Fox and the Fire Dance yet? Your angle from down on the dancing ground is one I rather want to see! Mine, all taken from the terrace, could not get as close… and it is the first time I‘ve had to edit out the bride and groom from their own wedding pictures!

Editing is much on my mind at present as we roll into the final stages now with Scions of Albion. The ubiquitous ‘gazetteer’ was interesting though… even you wouldn’t believe how pervasive those flowering staffs are through the early hagiographies! Knobbed clubs gone prematurely viral! I’d love to have access to the oldest versions of some of the tales though… I’ll bet they predate the saints by a millennium or so for the most part. To sit around a hearthfire and listen to the stories to the sound of strings with the smell of woodsmoke rising…

I may have to ‘visit’ Bratha…

5 Pickering (3)

Take Melor of the Silver Hand and wondrous speaking head… come on, the similarities with the mythologies of the Isles through Bran and Nuadha is just too much of a coincidence! By the by, the Norse mythologies have a similar god in the one-handed Týr; and depending on the era you look at he is both Father of the gods and Son… which is a bit interesting, don’t you think? The more I look at the Norse myths, the closer I feel we are getting to the roots of the tales, you know.

British mythology, as you know better than I, is all over the place what with the migrations and invasions, the imposed pantheons of conquerors and the adopted ones of settlers. Christianity has preserved a fair bit, though bringing into its own particular mould through the early ‘saints’… but I am more and more convinced that what we now know about the workings of the psyche was known, and with perhaps greater reverence and understanding, by the wise amongst the old ones.

scotland trip jan 15 116

The Beast, by the way, is having fun with me. The supplements for shiny, healthy coats? They come in capsules. Beasts, apparently, do not do capsules.

They only suck them and spit them out.

Picture me rescuing them and getting covered in fish and coconut oils as I try and squeeze the contents into bowls.

Serves me right… or that’s the impression I get. Beasts don’t voluntarily do baths either.

snow dog 003
Seems ages yet till you’ll be down!


Wen and very shiny Beast. x

16 thoughts on “Dear Don: Scions…”

    1. (Your keyboard made me chuckle!) 🙂
      Tales of the Norse gods and their Egyptian counterparts were amongst the first I learned as a child. They have always seemed ‘earthier’ than the Greek myths… closer to home.


      1. Lol I see what you mean, that’s predicted text on my phone for you. Thank goodness you knew it was an error. Imagine the gods Morse and Lewis and their Endeavours 😀😀😀😀😀


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