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Dear Wen: Scions…

5 Pickering (52)Dear Wen…

Oh, there you are… ah, the old ‘Tree-Beard’ with ‘Hobbit’ on shoulder shot from the wall painting at Pickering church if memory serves.

We have still to visit a goodly number of Hammer Stones in that vicinity if you remember? And as it is not too much of a hike…May we pencil that in for July sometime, perhaps?

We could utilise the New Inn as a base…our usual rooms.

The Mister Fox shots will be along in good time for the Xmas edition young Wendolina, I have been a tad engrossed in R2, as Ben would say… (Briefly considers hanging head in shame, then thinks better of it.)

foxy wedding 273I reckon we should probably throw the whole lot of the Scions in… There is more than enough room and it would be a shame to lose any of them… especially as, as you so correctly point out, in many cases they echo and re echo some of the earliest strands of Albion’s Mythology.

Curiously, the Norse Cycle does seem to have kept the lineaments of the full story more or less in tact.

The Giant Head was a timely reminder too. We may have to use that as a model for the current papier mache master piece which is now underway and taking shape nicely… (He…He…He)

The whole ‘Head and the Hand’ thing really is the key: both, ‘missing’ or better ‘unattached’…

Thought we could have little thumb-nails on the front of the ritual sheets.

Chalfont St Giles (44)The ‘hart in the hand’ from Chalfont St Giles springs to mind for R2?
The wise of the Old Ones were indeed properly wise.

Not sure I’d be dashing off to see Bratha anytime soon though… not that I ever do, of course.

Don’t let the Fell Foul Fetcher get the upper-hand…trood-hot-pursuit-detail

Shiny coat or no shiny coat… It looks like the ubiquitous snout has been at the sherbert again.

Tsk… Tsk… Down Boy!


Don x

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