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Dear Don: Llama…

Dear Don,10 Blakey Topping (28)

Yes, that was Pickering… as was the giant head, if you recall. What a trip that was! I’m still not at all sure how me managed to fit quite so much into such a short time! And the stuff we uncovered… from Llamas to the Valley of Whispering Stones… Let alone Blakey Topping and the Simeon window… You never did get past that… I doubt you saw a fraction of the church in Thornton-le-Dale…

So the prospect of a trip to the area in July sounds pretty perfect. The New Inn it is, all being well!

That we have R2 done and R1 just needing a little rounding off is not bad going, you know. Plus we have the rest of the rituals already mapped for April 2015. And the papier mache is out already, eh? That I can’t wait to see!

9 Bridestones (46)

Wiltshire next, though and the Mountains of the Sun. I’d love to do a bit of research on King Sil before we get there, though the origin of the legend does seem pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

I’ll have to abstain from research for a bit though, while I’m in edit mode. You know how easy it is to get lost in legends…

Discipline; that’s what I need. And coffee. Plenty of coffee…

Now Bratha has been ‘itching’ again and the tinnitus getting a bit insistent, so next time I’m up I may have to go for a walk. You’d better get the fondant fancies stocked up… I have a feeling we may need to walk the Edge to the other circles.

7 Thornton-le-Dale (47)

I like the idea of the thumbnails. I’d thought of something similar… and that carving from Chalfont would be perfect, given the theme. Wonder if we need to go back there. That’s the third time today there has been reference to it. And as I recall, the pub we visited there had a bit of an appropriate name.

The Beast is being inappropriate at the moment. Nothing unusual there. Tonight every cushion from the sofa has become a den…

a 003The Beast plays King of the Castle and snores…. The last bit of which sounds like a plan for me too.

Though not with four feet in the air and tongue lolling, I hope!


Wendolina and the Foul Fell-Fetcher x

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