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Dear Wen: Llama…

 Avebury (21)Dear Wen…

Quite possibly but that wouldn’t be the first church I have been in without really seeing anything. It is odd how these places appear to make a concerted effort to re-present themselves to our consciousness at opportune times… Chalfont, of course is one of those churches which is either locked or if it is open has perpetual attendants…never the easiest of visits at the best of times… what are they afraid we will find I wonder?

The pub it is true is aptly named, but it wasn’t a very good pub if memory serves…

Interestingly, Gawain offers a prayer to St Giles, amongst others, in the poem by the way…

Chalfont St Giles (1)The thumb-nails appear to have resolved themselves quite nicely but we could still use pictures too?

We could utilise the title pages in the brochure? They would work well as teasers… or would that be giving too much away?

Silbury is a ‘Harvest Hill’ apparently, and we were right about Arbor Low, the Gib Hill there is another ‘Harvest Hill’. The comparison should not be with Stonehenge which it usually is but with Avebury. The relationship between both hills and henges is precise but scaled down, for Arbor Low, obviously.

It should then, also fairly obviously, be Sol-Bury… for all kinds of reasons… seed of the sun…head under hill…fire in the sea…a bellies fill… etc.

curbar edge (20)Barbrook III is probably long overdue and we did get the invite at the ‘Crone Stone’…

I have been mulling the idea of the meso-cosm. Is there such a word or concept? I mean everyman and his dog warbles on about the microcosm and the macrocosm but it strikes that when one starts to merge them successfully one is presented with something of a meso-cosm…

It surprises me not that the Dread Beast snores in such a predatory way…
…with tongue
…long as a lead.a 003



Don x

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