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Dear Wen: Raid…

stewkley, chalfont 0861Dear Wen…

What are they afraid of us finding…apart from a Jester Decapitating John the Baptist, I should say.

Our First raid as I recall… Happy day… I mean, those were the days eh?

As the Patron Saint of the Green-Wood and outcasts I can perhaps see why Gawain may have prayed to him…

I hope Ben is paying attention and taking some notes… boy, is he going to need them.

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (131)Living on Hind’s milk is an interesting diet, a little like living on Wild Honey and Locusts, perhaps…

Four Oaks and a hollow rock… Mmmm

Again, I think our take on all this is spot on. You’d have thought though that there would be a whole host of depictions of that particular image?

In the poem there’s also a comparison between the Green-Man’s spouse and a Hag which makes me think that our marriage of the two stories is not such a wild stab in the dark as may at first have been supposed.

Chalfont St Giles (29)Weirder than Weird Weekend you mean… still at least we now know why the farmers hang out mole bodies on barbed wire like normal people hang out washing on a line…

‘There they were a row of little bodies like mouse-shirts flapping in the wind.’

Night, Earth, Moon, Sun, Sea, Underworld and Fertility are also all mysteries.

Perhaps when the Vanir return they will do so in the Mesocosm rather than in the Macrocosm…?

A few singing lessons for the Blackest of Black Ones when I’m next down I think.

Soon whip him into (bird) shape…P1190268


Don x

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