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Butterflies and Doves

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

IMG_5277.HEICAs my exercises with Perun – the Slavic God of thunder –  continue. It has been remarkably thundery weather in the region and I have been feeling a lot of … well .. anger.

Tonight as I slowly walked around the Castle here in Brno, I had to stop, sit and bask in the Sun as He lowered himself toward the horizon. His heat bathed me and I started to think again about Perun gathering energy slowly and releasing it suddenly. He had done so the night before and I photographed Him in the skies spitting and snarling with anger. Maybe my anger is a reflection of His anger? Maybe my anger has been slowly building while focusing on Perun and will suddenly discharge somehow?

butterflyI have been asking also about Totems. As I walked away from where I had been sat, a beautiful butterfly appeared from nowhere and danced…

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