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Dear Don: Jester…

5 Pickering (31)Dear Don,

Ah… the Jester… I can still remember that open-mouthed moment when that image was staring back from the medieval paintings…. And for it to become such a theme through so many of them…
Motley Fool or Pied Death?
Quartered or clothed in diamonds…
And Jester derives from story-teller…
Though the Fool comes from follis – breath…
The least of the Court, outside the Pack, the great leveller, able to say what must be said, acting with impunity…

We still haven’t got to the bottom of that one… though the threads are coming together…
Maybe we should incorporate the Jester into Leaf and Flame?

Poor Ben… 😀

5 Pickering (106)

The Hind, you know, is symbolic of unconditional love… but more pertinent, perhaps, is that they were seen as Fairy Cattle… a marriage of worlds? I went to bed thinking about it and dreamed about that last night, waking to the Chi-Rho symbol as the directions, each painted as a tree, the whole within the hollow of a circle of stone and the word ‘inclusion’. The only other thing I can remember is thinking that ‘chi’ is breath and ‘roi’ means king…
I have a feeling our marriage of tales goes deeper than we have yet realised.

I’m not sure anything could be weirder than Weird Weekend… that was one that will not fade from memory, I think… I wonder what time anomalies would have come up there if we’d been paying attention?

5 Pickering (37)

Mysteries upon mysteries.

I looked up the Vanir… not much is known for certain. Masters of magic who see the future unfold… Freya, Freyr and their divine marriage… Heimdallr may have been of their number. Yet there seems to be a feeling that these were the elder gods, the giants whose marriage was that of earth to heaven somehow… so the Mesocosm would be perfect.

The Black One asks me to question your use of the word ‘whip’in this context and add an allusion to the word ‘teeth’…anigarden 006

…and something I can only assume refers to tennis balls…

The Beast assures me you will understand…


Wen and Anu x

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