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Dear Wen: Jester…

Dear Wen…Broughton (10)

The fool or jester is deserving of a book in himself and there are a couple of good ones…

The Zelator touches on the way of the Fool and there’s a classic study by Elizabeth Welford if memory serves…

In essence, or rather at root, he is the Trickster of course, but the medieval Court Fool was an attempt to harness this mercurial figure and place him at the heart of government as the king’s or queen’s companion, confidante, advisor and plaything…

NBroughton (20)ot an entirely successful experiment but a genius concept…

The use and abuse of the institution was admirably mapped by The Bard himself.
A fascinating study route through England’s finest…is to follow the fools…

There’s already more than a bit of him in the Foliate Man… A large slice in fact… Clothed in leaves or flames… Clothed in diamonds…

I like, ‘the king’s breath’ for chi roi although it’s not entirely accurate. ‘Chi’ is much more than ‘breath’. The ‘in’ breath and the ‘out’ breath are very significant and as we know all the spiritual systems make use of them. Poor Anu appears to be having a problem with ‘figures of speech’… I can only recommend the article by Ananda Coomaraswamy, ‘Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought.’8 oct 13 0351

That should set him on the right track for when I get down.

It beats chasing rabbits, and chewing on rare bits, by a country mile…


Don x

5 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Jester…”

  1. Wow, these characters are SO complex! How you manage to keep track of them all while dealing with all of us I will never know. Thank you both for doing all of this. You keep us on our toes trying to figure out what next!!!

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