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Dear Don: Flies…

Avebury SE weekend 451Dear Don,

Well, that was a pretty interesting weekend all round. No Jesters… unless we qualify as Fools… but the Green Lions were particularly interesting.

Mind you, we will definitely have to go back now, preferably at the Equinox. I hadn’t realised the shaft of light was quite so spectacular across the face of the stone… the one you pointed out anyway as being ‘the daddy’. It does beg the question what they were up to with my ‘scratch dial’ on the adjacent stone and gives credence to what I thought was probably a bit far-fetched even for me.

Have you heard of ‘Silbaby’, by the way? Another disputed mound I came across on Julian Cope’s site? It says, “it’s slopes equate precisely with Silbury’s, it’s exactly on a line between Silbury and The Sanctuary and is co-visible with both, it has a sarsen lying on it, a spring at its base, a “moat” round it and a flat flood plain adjoining it.” It is also on private land and subject to fly-tipping… which is a bit of a sod on several levels.

Avebury SE weekend 594

It was another of those weekends where we seem to have covered way too much ground for the time available, wasn’t it? I can go with the idea that we are outside of time in a place like Avebury, but I wonder how much of our perception of the passage of time has to do with it in general terms? When we are constantly watching the clock because we must, or because of habit, are we in fact breaking eternity into smaller pieces than necessary so it erodes more quickly… and is this what allows us to bypass it when we leave the clocks behind?

I’m glad we didn’t go this weekend though… about 30,000 people were expected for the Summer Solstice… I know that the circle was built with large gatherings in mind. Though I doubt today’s revellers will be up to quite the same things there. I wonder just how big the festivals were back then in terms of numbers? I can almost hear the stones groaning…

Avebury SE weekend 646

Interesting about Marden though. I looked the henge up, little remains visible now of the earthworks and the stones are gone, but it is only about ten miles north of Stonehenge, and south of Avebury, so it would make sense, as we had speculated, that the two major remaining sites were connected… and their polarity too. Which makes Marden interesting… Funny, when I’ve been to Stonehenge, I’ve always driven up that way towards Avebury and never even knew about the site; it just felt right somehow.

I’ll have to do some ‘digging’ when I get chance.P1190268

The Beast is chasing flies. Plenty to provide endless entertainment with the fields round here. Trouble is, they keep landing on my PC screen, which is making things a little fraught at the desk as the Black One keeps bounding onto the keyboard…


Wen and the Fly Catcher x

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