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Dear Wen: Vessel…

Dear Wen…12 Ravenstone and lunch (41)

It helps to be considering works of art which our stops tend to be… some made of stone… some made of earth… some made of wood… some made of glass etc.

Well, that was the point I was trying to make… the land itself colours the works or as I usually express it, ’biscuits made to the same recipe taste different if the ingredients are grown in different countries…’ Even Anu should be able to relate to that one.

The correlative of that is that the more one attunes to the land in question then the more one will see in the land based art… hence the continuing un-folding of perception at each return visit, plus of course one looks for different things too…

5 Pickering (26)The argument for story could and indeed should extend to Christianity but alas by insisting upon the historicity and hence the literality of palpably unhistorical occurrences a schism is inevitably produced from which the western world has still not yet properly recovered.
Such insistence unfortunately tends to encourage the literal minded…

So what would you rather have; a being with wings and eyes in those wings or a clear night sky full of stars to explore? I know which one I prefer but it is certainly not the fault of the poet if his/her poetry is treated in the same way as a shopping list by those who do actually know better. ‘They lie, and we must be merciful with those who lie…’

6 Cropton (37)It’s a shame because as a mythology it is as coherent, if not more coherent, than many others.

The truly High Cultures never insisted on literality for their mythologies.

I’m still struggling with the concept of procuring ‘a spare dog’.

Shouldn’t one dog be more than enough for any self respecting Hobbit?

ani hardy feather 014Especially if that one is Blackness and Beastliness personified…Junior beast-let somehow just doesn’t cut it and also makes you sound a bit like Ben.

Down Boy!

Love, Don x

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