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Dear Wen: Edible…

X ilkley weekend 210Dear Wen…

If you are referring to the comments made at Brimham Rocks, then you need to check your sources, the correct quotation I believe is, ‘You are becoming a ‘Fluff-Bunny’ which I stand by whole-heartedly, still, ‘Fluff-Bunny‘ is infinitely preferable to bleeding all over sacred texts… albeit reassuring to know that the particular tome in question goes with you everywhere as indeed should be the case for an industrious Little Grub like your good self. Or is this some new fangled kind of ritual you are intent on inflicting upon our unsuspecting Companions…

Only time will tell which statement, having had the vagaries of time itself borne in upon us throughout our last unwholesome adventure, does not fill me with too much hope or optimism…

X ilkley weekend 202At least we are now well out of it with poor Ben left languishing in Bakewell… there are always the tarts of course if he can get his frayed fingers on any… unfortunate but there may yet be a happy outcome… stranger things have happened in fiction…

‘There stands Theoden, king, alone.’
‘Not alone… Rohirrim!”

And why should faction be any different?

You might well ask and as for the Hideous Beast now known throughout the non-annals of literature as the Hurdy-Gurdy Dog, she really is an ugly little spud isn’t she?

Bet you are glad to be finally rid of her… I know I would be.

X ilkley weekend 112Anyway, ‘Ghaist Stanes’ seem to be the way forward to my mind at least. I’ve never really understood the fear associated with such things. One would have thought that the enquiring mind would be reassured by such uncanny occurrences rather than scared senseless.

Speaking of enquiring minds the Black One got a bit of shock when the Ball of Power sprouted legs and started walking didn’t he… Ha Ha Ha…

Always had a bit of a soft spot for Hedge-Pigs myself… used to have one at the bottom of ani hardy feather 007the garden many Moons ago now… They don’t like heat though, once caught one splayed out at the foot of an oak tree panting in the sun… gave him/her some water and off it waddled… Ah!


Don x

13 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Edible…”

  1. Loved this! You two are like two people playing at Wimbledon, bantering back and forth the ball, and are we going to see a victor in this or will you both come out on the same side of the net? So much humor in all this historical stone carving activity. . .

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