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Dear Don: The Initiate…

Rowan Barbrook (47)Dear Don,

Well, that particular text, really, because we had just been back to the place it all began… so The Initiate just demanded to be read again… I still can’t believe we lived half the stuff in that book!

Okay, the file in the tart was probably just a sop to my conscience…

As to the ‘Stane’… which obviously has a spirit all its own… I cannot imagine the locals relinquishing it a second time…

Interesting about Fergus Mac Roigh’s stone… if it was his own gravestone, then yes, it would have undoubtedly been somewhere more remote than a churchyard in the time of legend… and, I have to ask, what was he doing with a grave marker if he was still living? That throws up some interesting ideas… Was he alive but well prepared? Or dead and revenant? Or both, neither and Other?

I don’t remember having read that version, though. The only tying to stones I recall was Fergus being bound to a pillar when captured and exposed daily… You know his name means strength or virility of the Great Horse?

barbrook merlin stone beeley derbyshire (11)

I’m still trying to dig up anything on those two stones… they aren’t listed with the other guide stoops on the moor, so I don’t think they are recognised as such… which accords with what we felt about them anyway. In fact, I can’t find anything about them at all… which seems really strange. They aren’t exactly invisible… though they might as well have been, given how often we have walked that path and not seen any sign, when they are clearly visible now…

You might think they had just been put back in their original positions…

But you are right about that side of the moor feeling…different.  The falls, I think, because of bone and stone… the bones of earth… are perhaps now akin to ‘our’ side of the brook.

Blood and sap … bone and stone … force and form, perhaps, twin aspects mirrored? It may be that simple… and that sophisticated.

“There are two obsessions in the heart of man vying for precedence. Which one wins? balls 012 (2)Why, whichever one feeds.” In the case of the Beast, tennis balls and …feeding. Oddly, the balls take precedence…


Wen and Anu x

6 thoughts on “Dear Don: The Initiate…”

  1. There are so many mysteries held by the earth. I wish some days that the earth could speak to us in some form of language that we could all understand. It is strange that we have all come from this earth in some form and yet there is so much of it that remains mute to us. I have been reading/watching TV shows in the times of waiting for Richard in ER, etc. how some cultures are now known to have formed across oceans, coming together with other cultures and creating new cultures over the centuries. One interesting bit of history I read (or perhaps prehistory) is how adaptable the people have been in the most isolated of places. People who live up near the Artist or on islands isolated by huge bodies of the ocean. What particularly fascinated me was how these people don’t seem to be affected by the nine personas that most of us grow up with. They are very united in purpose and in the overall families. You don’t see a sense of individualism as you might in other more advanced societies. I wonder how that might have been the case in some of the truly ancient societies of the world, and how they might have only developed a more complex relationship with the world outside as their own societies became more advanced. I was thinking about it as we are seeing things connected with the ancients in England. I wondered if this, or perhaps also the advances in language and other social skills (but language would have been at the top I would think) were responsible for the advances that we have all noted from these posts.

    At what point did the simplest peoples living in England (and other countries like England) become more complex in their practices and their language skills, etc. What might have created these complex changes in mankind? It is easy to ascribe the development from the most primitive people to more advanced people who related to each other differently, but was this a natural situation, or was there more to the story. It seems to me that in the story of Gilgamesh, we can see the Gods involved in the changes that come from someone who lives with and cares for/protects nature to someone who goes all out to destroy the very thing that he was connected with so intimately? Is THIS the story of mankind’s evolution from simple mankind that is connected so closely with the earth and with those from whom he evolved into a more complex relationship that ends with questions about what lies next after the soul dies?

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    1. The complexities of human nature have, from what we can see from ancient history, always been very similar to how they are now. Tribes may have pulled together better than we do now, when we act largely as individuals, but as people, we have not changed a great deal over millennia.

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