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Dear Wen: The Initiate…

Dear Wen…Avebury SE weekend 035

Returned to Uffington and had our initial experience confirmed and a whole new set of images and associations to ponder if the wing, claw and head of the Dragon are in any way correct…

The local and regional news will have a field day with Ben initially of course, but they will soon pass over to more ‘important’ or more news worthy things like what celebrity is doing what and with whom… and therein lies our only hope… they will forget… like the Philistines forgot to cut Samson’s hair whilst in captivity, were they ‘Lovers of Stone’ by the way…? Perhaps we’ll never know…

newspaperGreat Horse, or Great King or Great Wheel… depending on spelling and/or pronunciation… It’s quite a famous stone in Ireland.

There used to be a tour ‘of the Tain’ you could go on which took it all in… the original reads a lot like an ‘Aboriginal Walkabout’ in places with more emphasis put on the wanderings of the two bulls, (they were not right bulls those two) rather than on what we might call more epic considerations.


The naming of the Land seems to have been paramount.

snake adder barbrook merin stone beeley derbyshire ani 006The two bulls were originally two Hog-Guards who had been friends but had turned quarrelsome and competitive.

Their competitiveness ultimately infects the whole nation and brings it and the culture which sustains it to its knees… there may be a moral in there somewhere methinks…

No, it is very tempting to regard the stones as recent arrivals, and to all intents and purposes to us that is precisely what they are.

I have a wild and woolly theory about just why that side of the moor feels so strange but that will probably be best left until our next little excursion… which isn’t too far away now.

Tell Anu that’s not supposed to be the way it works…balls 012 (2)

Honestly, the Daft Dog can’t even get his instincts to work in the right order…

He was not a right dog that one…

Love, Don x

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