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Dear Don: Goliath…

Dear Don,

Yes, Goliath was a Philistine… though what that, might mean is anybody’s guess, apart from that he came from one of their five city states… and as five in symbolic terms refers to the senses, the ‘giant Philistine’ theme seems to fit perfectly, doesn’t it? Five senses in dense matter conquered by a child…

sheff 093

And if that Egyptian reference is correct and the Philistines were the same as the Peleset, the Sea People who lived “in the midst of the sea”, the watery emotional symbolism seems pretty apt too.

Yes, I recall the first stoop up at Curbar. You know ‘our’ Companion Stone on Deadshaw Sick goes with the stoop in the rowan valley?

Rowan Barbrook (43)

I Don’t see why we can’t start ‘Sundae’ from the beginning either. But does that mean we have to go back to Wencobank? I keep feeling we ought to anyway… then shying away from the idea. Wonder if it would feel the same now, after all we have touched since then?

A bit odd that you should have written that I felt them as ‘my’ people… given all that’s happened since.

Mind, if we do go back, I am driving us up that hill this time!

I know we wouldn’t get your theory past first base of a scientific investigation… let’s face it, we are not yet equipped for measuring that kind of thing. But on a purely subjective and experiential level it explains pretty much everything we have encountered and an awful lot of our folklore and mythology too. It would work for the tales of the Otherworld, wouldn’t it?

sheff 108

I like the Tolkien association with Doll Tor stone circle… though it is a bit tenuous even for you… There are a couple of others in the vicinity we probably ought to check out too. One of them is the Nine Ladies… though I believe there are only three left… which seems quite pertinent too.

Good job this is private correspondence really… anyone reading this would really want to know what you theory is… and possibly how long it will be before we get locked up.

Speaking of which, hope poor Ben is doing okay. There do appear to be a few odd things going on since we put the stone back, if the papers are to be believed, you know. Not that I am connecting the events, of course. That would be too weird. Wouldn’t it?

anigarden 006

The Beast says hello…and think yourself honoured. I barely get acknowledged since I cut the cheese right back…

See you soon,

Love, Wen and Anu x

5 thoughts on “Dear Don: Goliath…”

  1. Ah ha! I think once I have money and time to start reading the books that the two of you have written (I do have one waiting and that is The Crucible), I will better understand a lot of things better. So much learning awaiting me . . .


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