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Dear Don: Culdees…

Dear Don,weymouth 017
I do like the Campbell… it could have been written for the journey we have been taking. The Culdees seem to have crept right in, don’t they? If they were ever absent. I’m not sure they can be classed as Albion’s earliest priests, though… not with the Arimathean story woven so closely through our history.

The Culdees are supposed to have sprung from the monasticism of Iona… and that would have been even closer to the original message to reach these shores. I wonder what came before that?

I still think we should go to Iona, though… one of these days. We did mention the western seaboard…


I don’t think the New Testament ‘code’ applies only to the NT either. You only have to start re-reading Genesis , don’t you? The symbolism works pretty much the same way. I know there are specifics, but once the mind gets a handle on that kind of abstract, pretty much everything looks different.

Speaking of symbolism… “What are the stars that they navigate by? “ You do like dropping these odd bombshell questions… I haven’t thought that one through. The first thing that sprang to mind was ‘spiritual ideals’… But I don’t think that is a moral or intellectual concept, rather the sparks of higher consciousness perceived and perhaps but dimly understood.

Maybe that’s why they created their gods?

Copy of yorkshire 013

Yes… we could take ‘Sundae’ right back to Uffington… perhaps even to Aysgarth, though the thread wasn’t as obvious then. It was, though, the first time I had actually voiced what I had begun to ‘see’.

I think that goes back to the ‘naming of things’… once voiced, something is born that cannot be called back and remains in the reality of this world.

As to ‘my people’… yes, I remember. Of course, at that time I think I thought it was just from a purely geographical perspective, though I had always felt the link with the Brigantes, the people of the goddess. After Wincobank, it got rather personal.

But I don’t need to remind you of that…ani 002

I have informed the Beast of your imminent arrival…

The Beast is now herding tennis balls in preparation…


Wen and Anu x

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