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Dear Don: Erratics…

Dear Donuffington and rollright 085,

The weekend was excellent… the meeting went very well, we got a lot of good work done (for which I shall have to type up our notes at some point) and we found the stone circle! Which bodes well for eventually tracking down your errant standing stone.

I wonder if that is what is meant when they call those odd stones ‘erratic’? Are they just wandering the countryside, attempting to evade detection by avid hunters of standing stones such as ourselves? The legends of wandering stones seem as numerous as the stones themselves and also give credence to your theory… perhaps we should look for the stream to which the Lost Stone may have wandered to drink?

Certainly the Lost Stone is managing to maintain its invisibility… though it was well worth the further attempt to locate it, if only to revisit the edge of the valley of dancing trees and see the deer in the bracken.

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 064

Odd, isn’t it, that after walking so closely between the two little herds of deer it should be the solitary one that really spoke to us both. There is something completely different about that kind of eye to eye contact… something special and intimate.

He really did speak to us too, didn’t he… and after discussing your idea for But ‘n’ Ben, that bark seemed quite prophetic and wholly appropriate.

And as I wrote that sentence, the intro came through… perfectly on cue…. And the bark is now and forever scrofulous… I haven’t laughed so much in ages… well, not since whatever it was that set us both off at the weekend…

Which, when I think about it, may have been the same thing…. Though with a less literary vocabulary.

Speaking of words, the Beast may be up to something. There appears to be a sudden interest in our correspondence from that quarter…ani hardy feather 014

I dread to think….


Wen and conspiratorial Beast x

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