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Dear Wen: Slitherhound…

Dear Wen…Arbor Low and Stanton Moor Imbolc 001 (118)

Strictly speaking of course, slug trails should be ‘slug trails’ but I was ever so slightly chuffed to be able to use the ‘Slug Man’ again even if he did have to go into inverted commas. A natural extrusion of story as opposed to a natural extrusion of rock which some of Our Stones are undoubtedly regarded as.

Stanton Moor sounds like the ideal venue for next years Harvest of Being which will mean we get to play out in it beforehand too…

That circle through the trees always looks like some kind of moot to me… the Bear Moot in the forest…

snow weekend 041Ah yes, the infamous Crone Stone incident… I expect you realise that years from now earnest journals will be written and pored over by earnest men and women about the possible ramifications of the Crone Stone Incident… In that particular shot it looks like nothing more than the gnomon of a huge sun dial… Perhaps that is in fact what it is…

The geometric petro-glyphs turn out to be a sun wheel of sorts and a possible moon track… Moon declensions often assume the appearance of snakes. Although inevitably concerned with the practicalities of these planetary bodies, Stone Age Man was undoubtedly an Alchemist.

snow weekend 062The Black Shade is in serious need of a walkabout… the gifts of the land for such projects can never be underestimated… which is useful because from next Wednesday Walkabouts shall be the order of the day… Whoo-Hoo…

Now Slither-Hound I like, any name with slightly derogatory undertones is ideal for the Monstrosity currently labouring under the wholly appropriate moniker of the Beast.

Yo11607354163_247dc8231f_zu may inform ‘He of the Seed-Spangled Brow’ that he has made it into the next book, although in a slightly changed form, not that he will be overly concerned about that, the Daft Dog cares not for such subtleties…

Alle Oop!


Don x

5 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Slitherhound…”

  1. Oh I really like the name “Slitherhound.” It has a sort of wonderment in it like something right out of Harry Potter, which I dearly love and have watched all the different stories until my eyes nearly fell out. Yes, there is the ring of a story in the name Slitherhound. Perhaps even the obsession with the balls has some sort of Potter mythology to accompany it. Oh, I love this . . .

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