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Dear Don: Extrusions…

X ilkley weekend 074Dear Don,

I am, of course, blaming your ‘extrusions’ for the silvery exudations that now make an argent tracery across my threshold. Slug Town? Yeah… they all seem to be coming in to see me the past couple of weeks and I spend my time evicting their squidgy little bodies every evening. And all since you started writing them into But’n’Ben

Which begs the question, how much do we ourselves write our adventures and how much is written for us? Not in the obvious sense, of course… Are our speculations a response to a lived reality or do we define and call it into being by according it a Name and a Word?

In other words, is the current infestation of slugs really your fault?

The whole of the observer and the observed put into action…

X ilkley weekend 028

Do we simply find the wonders we do because we intend to be open to them? I believe we do. We know they are not ‘ours’ at all… they are there for everyone, but intent makes them visible to awareness, not just to sight. Which is probably why we end up missing so much of what we have already seen until we are ready to See it.

And if that expanded awareness creates its own feedback loop of belief, given that our faith in the rightness of the day is always ‘proved’, it would explain why the ‘wonders and wounds’ of the hills and valleys are open to us.

I wonder what wonders our next adventure will unfurl?

It is going to be winter again before we can explore Stanton Moor, isn’t it? Sadly, I read a report the other day on more vandalism of the Nine Ladies circle… It just beggars belief why anyone would wilfully and mindlessly damage something that has stood for so many thousands of years. Do we have to carve our names onto everything we do not understand, just because we can see there is a value to it, even if its nature is hidden from us? Stamp the Sigil of our ego upon beauty in a vain attempt to possess and control that which belongs to no-one? And half the time, we probably do so unconsciously, and that is the real sadness.

X ilkley weekend 137

Lunacy too, really. When you think of all the names carved into the Cow and Calf rocks at Ilkley… hundreds of years of them, parroting without understanding the ancient petroglyphs that meant something more than ‘me, me, me..’ Yet who remembers those who bore those names… except as vandals? The hand that grasps… seeking to grasp a formless eternity of which, did they but realise it, they are already a part.

dawg 003

Ah well… the Black Beast is in as much need of a walkabout as the Black Shade… so I suppose I’d better get the leash…

See you soon,


Wen and Anu x

5 thoughts on “Dear Don: Extrusions…”

  1. Boy, this IS really interesting. I like the questions you put forth, Sue, about whether our writing about something calls it into our consciousness, or whether our consciousness calls it into our experience as I think I understand it. It makes a lot of sense because this happens in my life in different manifestations of course, but for example, when the Ginger-colored Praying Mantis came to visit me and stayed for several days, I had been reading about them before that and so they definitely were in my consciousness. I have always wondered about that visit. And it is just one of many things I can think of related to this topic that have happened to me through the years.

    I remember one time how I was contemplating on the idea of signposts in our lives. This is, believe it or not, connected with what you are writing. So I was trying to decide if the signposts that we encounter, be they events, or signals of some form – real or imagined – that let us know we are on the right path in life or not. During this time, a lot of my signposts seemed to be physical ones. I would be contemplating an issue, and suddenly all these physical signposts would appear in my life. For example, doing something that was not a good idea, and suddenly, I would open a closet door and a box that had been sitting up on a shelf for a long time would suddenly fall and hit me in the head. And this would not happen just once, but I might get hit in the head 4 – 5 times in one week by things that would not normally be falling, etc.\

    So this is a good question you are posing, and one that needs more conversations. I really like this. And slugs, yes, I will have to pay more attention now to the times when THEY have appeared in my own life. I think everything we encounter in life, especially those things that are out of the ordinary, are indeed some form of signposts if you will, or they have some form of significance that is good to pay attention to – symbolism if you will. So what does the slug represent? Something slimy that people tend to shy away from and perhaps to even fear, and yet at the same time, if you think about it, the slug has no real protection in this world. It has no shell, and is easily killed off. And what draws it to come to people’s homes when the homes have nothing really to offer it in the way of sustenance or long-term shelter as does the earth itself. Is it perhaps a message from the Gods that we have tread somewhere that we need to not tread, or is it perhaps showing us that we too are vulnerable when we are heading to some places that may appear to be shelters but are not the protections that can benefit us? This is a good post and leaves a lot to think about.


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