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Dear Wen: Stepping Stones…

Dear Wen

This clinging to the classical world has always puzzled me and can only be down to those pesky Romans (Acch-Phut)…

When in Rome do as the Greeks do.

This was over sixteen hundred years ago mind and ‘Pythagorean’ triangles were employed in our stone circles thousands of years before that, as discovered by Alexander Thom, and verified by Robin Heath.

Neither of whom had, or have, much in the way of worldly ambition but instead used, or use, truth as their yardstick.

That’s right, a yardstick, which in length geometrical is three feet!

It is high time the sheeple woke up to their God given rights and sent the fleecers packing…

When in Greece do as the Egyptians do.

Do you see, now, how even the most unpromising material can be used to construct another stepping stone a yard apart from the first, one more gives us nine feet…

I have fond memories of the finger-maze though sadly not that weekend as a whole, although it did have its moments, and also of the stepping stones at Ilkley…

When in Egypt do as the Sumerians do.


It is always a toss up when ‘ton’ appears at the end of a place name as to whether it refers to ‘town’ or ‘stone’ unlike ‘ham’ which is always a hamlet, so the addition of ‘tun’ and ‘dun’ is a welcome extension to the mix.

And the ball is always in play,

even when it is no longer a ball,

but a punctured, tangled mass, of rubber, and fur,

eh, Anu-Boy,

and no,

I do not mean that sort of ham…

Love, Don x

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