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Dear Wen: ‘Old-Man-Young’…

Dear Wen

One really cannot expect the authorities to know aught of these things, they lack imagination and insight.

It strikes me that  the ‘Stepping Stones’ and the ‘Sleeping Giant’ weekend may also have been the occasion of ‘Young James’? Which, if so, would give us ‘our third’. Strange to say but we have never before looked at it in quite that way… What an amazing sequence of events.

It is no wonder the authorites are doing everything in their power to prevent us getting out and about. 1.0 daily 0.1 daily 0.1 daily 0.1 daily 0.1 daily https ...I cannot for the life of me think how we managed not to check out the ‘Winged Weland’.

That reconstruction is superb and reminds me of the ‘Beast Master’ from the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, which has the same sort of ‘involuted’ limbs.

There is something very strange going on with the mouth and arms of the central figure, and the legs and tails of the wolves which makes me think this is a representation of Odin…

Doubtless, the authorities will claim that this is merely a product of the media rather than symbolic or significant, which may, or may not, be true…

I think the Leeds Cross was on a list of ‘stones in the area’ at one point, if I recall correctly, but as you say it’s city location has obviously counted against it. The Parish Church, though, will still not yet be open to ‘casual visitors’. I expect that is the term. Anyway, it may also be time to revisit Ilkley, which thankfully is hardly closeable in that sense. Small mercies, like small victories, can be all the more palatable.

I don’t suppose Ilkley is at all do-able on our way back from Scortland?

Something moves on that moor that has scant regard for our mundane conceptions of modernity

We may even get Anu up there at some point?

I expect there would be other Black Beasts

in the vicinity, or at least, thereabouts,

for him to sport with…

Love Don x




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