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Dear Don: ‘Old-Man-Young’

Dear Don,

Perhaps that’s why they are ‘authorities’… a tramline train of thought instead of spreading root and branch…

You know, I think you are right about that being the ‘young James’ weekend… which would indeed give us  our ‘three’… and it was definitely a very odd ‘close encounter’, giving a whole new meaning to the title of ‘Old-Man-Young’.

Does that count as a ‘time-slip’, do you think, or a glitch in the continuum? A brief hop from one string to the next, like a record skipping in play? Or just a deliberate blindfold, once more applied at an important crossroads?

Yes, there were several churches on that route home that we were going to visit, but as usual, we were still coming down from the workshop and came straight back to yours. The Winged Wayland and the Sutton Hoo Odin both remind me forcibly of the Loki Stone… another weird one, with the parrots flying wild in the winter trees.

The Loki Stone, they reckon, dates back to the 900s and shows the god… another shapeshifter… bound with the innards of his wolf-son.

I wonder how closely shapeshifting is tied to the whole time-slip anomaly?

Once the churches  reopen for visitors, we should make the trip to Ilkley and try to get into the ones on our list… I miss ‘my’ patch of moors anyway and it has been a few years since our last visit.

As to Ilkley being do-able on our way back from our upcoming trip north… quite apart from the lack of time we’ll have… it is sort of the wrong side of the country. Especially when we’ll have Anu to reclaim from his own holiday.

Anu, by the way, wishes to know more about this Beast Master, who appears to be being licked by dogs. And does he supply cheese?

That animal lacks proper respect…


Wen and the cheesehound x

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